Thursday, December 21, 2006

Introducing The Carnival of Ethics, Values & Personal Finance!

How do your values affect your financial decisions? Whether it's what you buy, where you invest, or where you work, when and how do your beliefs and ethics play a role? And, most importantly, are you ready to blog about it?

The Carnival of Ethics, Values and Personal Finance is a space to come together and share thoughts and experience as we navigate the challenges of integrating our money decisions and our broader values. Whether it's based on religion, environmentalism, social justice, supporting your community, or an infinite variety of other values that might be meaningful to you, if you've blogged about it we want to read it!

The Carnival of Ethics, Values and Personal Finance will appear the first Thursday of every month. It will debut on Thursday, January 4, 2007 here at Money and Values. (Please comment or e-mail me if you'd like to sign up to host future editions.)

Click this link to submit to the Carnival. You'll have until 5pm on Wednesday to get your submissions in, but feel free to submit early!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. If you'd like an example of how I personally have interpreted the concept in the past, see my posts tagged "money and values"-- but I encourage you to make the definition your own! (Earlier discussion here.)

Edition #1: Penny Nickel at Money and Values, 1/4/07
Edition #2: TBH at Tired but Happy, 2/1/07
Edition #3: English Major at An English Major's Money, 2/15/07
Edition #4: ISPF at Personal Finance for Students and Fresh Grads, 3/1/07
Edition #5: Yoski at Stingy Student, 3/15/07
Edition #6: Donna Jean at The Weight of Money, 3/29/07
Edition #7: Ben at Money Smart Life, 4/12/07
Edition #8: Larry at The Skilled Investor Blog, 4/26/07
Edition #9: TBH at Tired but Happy, 5/24/07


ISPF said...

Thanks! I look forward to hosting the carnival.

Will you please update the name of my blog to "Personal Finance for Students and Fresh Grads"? Thanks.

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