Thursday, January 04, 2007

Carnival of Ethics, Values & Personal Finance #1!

I'm so pleased and excited to be hosting the first-ever Carnival of Ethics, Values and Personal Finances! I must admit, I was a little nervous that no one would submit, but I was bowled over by all the great submissions the Carnival received-- 27 in all!

If you're just hearing about the Carnival for the first time, here's the quick rundown:

How do your values affect your financial decisions? Whether it's what you buy, where you invest, or where you work, when and how do your beliefs and ethics play a role? And, most importantly, are you ready to blog about it? The Carnival of Ethics, Values and Personal Finance is a space to come together and share thoughts and experience as we navigate the challenges of integrating our money decisions and our broader values.

Usually when I'm hosting a carnival I'll pull out a few of my favorite posts and highlight them up top. But there are way too many great posts here and it's impossible to choose. Instead, I split them into a few categories, and I hope you'll read them all! I also included all submitted posts (except for a couple that were multiple submissions from the same person), although there's a handful where I can't quite figure out their connections to ethics/values, and those are in the bottom category.

Locally-Owned Businesses





General personal finance (these are posts where I couldn't figure out the connection to ethics and/or values; in the future, I'll ask people to explain better in the notes):
Thank you so much, everyone, for participating! The next edition will be Thursday, February 1 at Tired But Happy. Please let me know if you're interested in hosting future editions! And here's the link for submissions.


david said...

Thanks so much for hosting the first edition!

Tiredbuthappy said...

Thanks for creating this carnival, Penny. It's a great idea.

And yes, I'd be thrilled to host the second edition on Feb 1.

Shaula Evans said...

Congratulations on creating such a great carnival, Penny, and thank you for the hard work to make it happen.

English Major said...

Thanks for hosting, and more importantly, for creating, this carnival!

I'd be happy to host, with the caveat that my traffic is, I'd imagine, far smaller than yours or TBH's. I won't at all be offended if you'd rather have it hosted elsewhere.

ispf said...

Thanks for starting this carnival! I would be very happy to host it too, but like English Major said, I will understand if you would rather host it on a higher traffic site.

[...] I encourage you to head over to the carnival site and pick some that you like and highlight them in your blog. Let’s help spread the word. (NOTE: I don’t know who Penny Nickel is and this is NOT a paid review! I just like the idea that someone is willing to make the effort to get such a carnival started!)[...]

Penny Nickel said...

Thanks/you're welcome! :-)

And don't be silly, folks. There's no traffic requirement to host, all you need is enthusiasm for the theme! I'll put English Major down for edition #3 and ISPF for #4. (After we see what participation's like for the Feb 1 edition, you all can help me decide if we should go to bi-weekly or stick with monthly carnivals.)

Stingy Student said...

Thanks for hosting. This was a great idea and a necessary addition in the world of personal finance. As concerned as everyone is with personal finance, I think a lot of people like to think about the ethics behind their decisions.