Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Starting a carnival about our values and our financial decisions?

What do you think about starting a carnival about money and values issues?  It's been sort of a dream of mine ever since I started this blog.
I keep coming across new blogs that are already addressing the convergence of values and personal finance, in their own fascinating and diverse ways.   I am so excited about the possibility of helping to create more of a community for us, by linking us together regularly through a carnival (and other ways too, if people are interested!).  And I also think it would be incredible if it could stimulate bloggers to start writing (or writing more) about their own take on money and values.  Plus it could provide a great resource by gathering these kinds of posts together for interested readers.
I'm not sure how much interest and participation there would be, so I was thinking it would make most sense to do a once-a-month carnival, at least at first-- what do you think?  (We could do it, say, on the first Tuesday or Wednesday of every month.)  And I don't know how many people would be interested in hosting, so I'm glad to host them all myself if need be (but also more than glad to rotate hosting if there's interest-- please let me know!).  If the response is good, I think we could kick this off as early as January.  What do you think?  

Since there are lots of great bloggers who I think might be interested but probably don't read Money and Values, I'll be reaching out to them individually.  But for those of you who are here reading, please leave a comment!  I'd love your thoughts and suggestions in general, as well as some specific questions I have:

  • Do you think this is a good idea?
  • Would you participate?
  • Would you host?
  • Do you have suggestions of how to get the word out to potentially interested bloggers (either individual people you think we should contact, or strategies to reach segments of the blogosphere)?
  • And, of course, what the heck should we call it?  I am half-tempted by the simple "Carnival of Money and Values," although that's a little weird because of the name of my blog.  Or maybe "Carnival of Socially Conscious Personal Finances"?   Any other ideas?


California Money Musings said...

Can you go in-depth or explain what you mean by money and values? Are you talking about socially responsible investing?

I like the idea of bloggers writing about that idea. Socially conscious investing is new to me but I've seen funds by T. Rowe I think that are associated with lance armstrong's causes.

How about twice a month for the carnival? It'd be something to refresh our memory after the first week and then we'd have some time to think about the next carnival. And I'd be up for hosting if you need help.

let's spread the word through our blogs and encourage others to promote the carnival.

the title "carnival of money and values" is a bit vague and unclear. i'm not sure what to title it. maybe i'll come up with something once i get a better sense of the goals of this carnival.

hope that helps!

Penny Nickel said...

Hi California Money Musings! Thanks so much for your interest!

Yes, socially responsible investing (SRI) is a big part of what I'm talking about, although I think the topic can be broader than that. It can include any way people take their broader social values into account in making financial decisions. So it could also include choosing to support certain products or businesses, and/or boycott/avoid others; it could include choosing to decrease your degree of consumerism/materialism; it could include how you try to decrease your environmental impact; it could include your career choices; etc, etc.

You can see how I've personally defined it on this blog through posts I've tagged with "money and values" (http://moneyandvalues.blogspot.com/search/label/money%20and%20values), but I'd like to leave it open for other people to reinterpret it in different ways.

Does that make things more clear?

S/100/30 said...

That would be *fantastic*, and I would happily host.

English Major said...

I'd participate--I think not enough is written in the pf blogosphere about the ways in which we are not willing to sacrifice principle for savings or extra growth (i.e. by shopping at Wal-Mart, or investing in logging, or what have you). My blog is sort of based around the idea that I'm an unrepentant English major--I studied what I love and now I'm learning to deal with the financial situation that leaves me. It's not lavish, but as trite as it seems, I wouldn't trade it for twice the salary.

Debt Consolidation said...

With few exceptions, I think resposible investing should be just about anything that can make you money. If you profit, apply it to your "cause dejure"