Monday, December 04, 2006

Carnival of Personal Finance #77

Welcome to the 77th edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance. Goodness, there were so many submissions! I've highlighted some of my favorites at the start for your perusal (including those that have something to do with money and values (broadly defined!) and the holiday-themed posts); the rest are in the order they were submitted.

Also, you might be interested in a new carnival that'll be starting in January, looking at how our values affect our financial decisions-- see this post for discussion, these posts of mine for examples, and check back here for more info soon!

Money and values:

Why Do We Save Our Money? at Binary Dollar!

Think Money Wouldn't Change You? Think Again at Dragon Slayer's Guide to Life

Would Steve Jobs Have Kick-Started Your Quest for Financial Freedom? at The Time & Money Group

Modest Needs - Assisting Working Families with Small Financial Crises at Blogging Away Debt

Is Financial Happiness Relative? at My Financial Awareness

EXTREME jobs - why you should get one at Well-heeled: climbing the networth ladder in heels

Nice surprise in this month's electric bill at Blunt Money

How You Can Extend Your Life and Fatten Your Wallet by Planning Ahead at Money Smart Life

Charity Spotlight 1: Child Abuse Prevention at No Credit Needed

The holidays:

How to Keep From Over Spending this Holiday Season at Beacon Financial Tips & Tools

The Young Tightwad’s Guide to Holiday Tipping at Money Under 30

Christmas Shopping without Putting a Dent in your Wallet at Finance-4-Kids

Other informative posts I especially liked:

Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) Is A Fantastic Deal at The Finance Buff

Financial Savviness 101: Making Your Money Work For You at Broke-Ass Student

10 Tips To Slash Your Tech Bills By $1033.40 at Mr. Cheap Stuff Coupons

Estimating Asset Values and Asset Depreciation at Consumerism Commentary

How Do You Balance Your Checkbook? at The Simple Dollar

A First Look At Asset Allocation at The Digerati Life

Outsmart Credit Card Companies at Their Own Game at HomeBusinessWiz

101 Financial Tips you Never Learned in High School (but should have) at Bankruptcy Reader

How to print digital photos cheap at


And many, many more:

How To Save Money On Credit Cards at

Small Cap Value Pick - Basic Energy Services (BAS) at "D"igital Breakfast - Creating Wealth Everyday

3 Critical Personal Finance Mistakes I have made at Ask Mr Credit Card's Blog

How to Stay on Top of your Finances at The Price of Rice

Ode To Prosperity at Mad Kane's Humor Blog

How Mortgage Originators Lie to Borrowers at The Most Opinionated Mortgage Broker

Frugal Living Wins Over More Income – Anecdotal Evidence at My Wealth Builder

Are We Better off Now? A Look at How Tax Cut Made Rich Richer and Poor Poorer at The Sun's Financial Diary

How to Get Rich Without Going Crazy at Market Poetry

Study Shows HECM Lifetime Tenure Payment Option is Best Choice at Reverse Mortgage Information

New cars may be more affordable, but still don't buy one at The Coin Jar

Using a 529 for non-educational retirement savings?? at Retiring Early

More Education Equals More Pay at Free Money Finance

The Basics III: Opportunity Cost and Risk/Reward
at A Financial Revolution

Got my last free credit report for the year, did you get yours? at My Two Dollars

Surprising 6 figure jobs
at exchange-ingredients

Necessary Evil - Student Loans?
at Living Almost Large

Covered Calls - Too Risky? at The Dividend Guy blog

Where we keep our money
at Frugal Babe

1% Solution for your Financial Life
at Hill's Personal Finance

Debt Elimination Scams to Avoid - You’ll Just Pay Twice at Debt Free

Stay Home with the Kid or Work…Or Do Both?
at Canadian Dream: Free at 45

Deal in Cash
at Queercents

Ebay on the Razor's Edge
at Lazy Man and Money

COBRA Health Coverage for Graduating Students at Understand COBRA

Using Credit Cards Against Overdrafts at War on Credit Cards

Kiplinger's Best Site for Homeowners Insurance Help
at Home Insurance Guide

Paying Your Mortgage Biweekly
at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity

Lemon Award Finalists Named on's Website
at Becoming and Staying Debt Free

myFICO® Falling Down
at Scott on Money

Why You Should Never Tell Your Salary to Your Friends
at Binary Dollar

How Much Does A Chiropractor Make? Not Enough
at Free the Drones blog


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