Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Festival of Frugality #52: Happy Anniversary!

Welcome to the 52nd Festival of Frugality, the one-year anniversary edition! I thought I'd give you a blast from the past by re-posting some of the submissions from the first ever FoF on December 13, 2005, along with what those bloggers are writing about today. (Some of the posts were submitted to the festival, and others didn't submit but did write a post about frugality this week.)

Also, the new Carnival of Socially Conscious Personal Finances is coming the first week of January, and you can read about and discuss it at this post (if you think it should have a different name or you've got anything else to suggest, by all means put in your two cents!).

One year of the FoF and still going strong:

Some of my favorite posts submitted this week:

The rest:

I had to leave out many posts this week, unfortunately, because for the life of me I couldn't figure out how they were related to frugality. Sorry, folks!


Jenn said...

The first 3 random links I clicked on were broken (the deputy headmistress stuff and one other,sorry can't remember)Just thought you might want to double check them. Then again,it may be my computer.

Penny Nickel said...

Thanks for the tip! I think the problem's fixed, but please let me know if you run into more issues, everyone.

sk said...

Thanks for including me, and good work on the carnival!

Madame X said...

Weird, for some reason I"m having trouble signing in. That "SK" comment was from me, Madame X!

Elisia said...

Great informal post, i hope you post some more info on the subject


Therapy Doc said...

Wonderful, informative place to be, I'm totally proud and pleased you liked my post. Thanks so much, Linda

Scott said...

This week’s carnivals are up.

Please check out the great entries in:

The Carnival of Personal Finance
The Carnival of Investing
The Festival of Frugality

Thanks to this weeks editors.

A Pile of Coins said...

Carnivals und Festivals der Woche (German)
[...] Das 52. Festival of Frugality findet ihr bei Money and Values (Happy Anniversary there!) [...]

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