Saturday, July 29, 2006

Tons of great recent posts

I'm off on vacation again for a week or so. But never fear, I've compiled a great list of links you can check out to tide you over until I return.

The Festival of Under 30 Finances is here (the answers to the question, "What's more important, your GPA or first job?") and here (the actual posts). While we're at it, don't forget the new website for the Under 30 Honor Roll itself, which is getting new content all the time.

Also, the Carnival of Personal Finance was at Savvy Saver (and, of course, the Festival of Frugality was here!)

At Frugal for Life, ~Dawn had a couple of posts I really liked this week: one on the "enoughness pledge" and one about thoughtful living.

Mighty Bargain Hunter has a great post about how people are always referred to as "consumers" and things like "the decrease in consumer spending" is considered bad news.

The Frugal Duchess has a ton of tips about eating more fresh fruits and vegetables-- something I really need to do better. A lot of the tips are targeted to parents with children, but there are so many that there's something for everyone (and some of the clearly kid-focused ones sound good to me too, maybe I'm just a kid at heart!)

There've been a number of posts about charitable giving recently, including at Young and Broke, My Money Forest, Dumb Little Man, and a vacation rerun from Free Money Finance. I love seeing so much stuff about charity in just one week!

Don't forget to visit Get Rich Slowly and Punny Money as they participate in a 24-hour blogathon for charity on Saturday July 29th (thru the morning of the 30th) and offer them your support (both by commenting and cheering them on, and by hopefully chipping in a little towards their charities of choice).

And I feel like I'm missing some other great posts I've read recently, too. Well, just keep checking while I'm gone and I promise you'll never lack good stuff to read...

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