Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Festival of Frugality #32

I'll give credit where credit is due
'Twas Make Love Not Debt's brilliant haiku
That inspired this plan;
Now I'll do what I can
To be clever, yet useful to you.

Welcome to Festival of Frugality #32, and if you haven't been here before, welcome to Money and Values! Please take a moment to look around and check out some of my most interesting posts, listed over in the sidebar. I have a special focus on the intersection of financial decisions with social values, although I also do a lot of pretty standard blogging on frugality.

Without further ado, this week's submissions, in limerick form, follow. Keep an eye out for the three posts (including the first one) which I've spotlighted because of their attention to the intersection of money and values.

Money and values spotlight:
There's a blogger, David, from LA
Who's come up with 13 different ways
To not only save dough
But the planet also
So check out The Good Human today.

Amy at MomAdvice is obsessed
With microfiber
; says it's the best.
You can clean everywhere
Stuff diapers, dry kids' hair
And reuse them. Why mess with the rest?

Julie Mayfield has a list of tips
For people whose doctors write them 'scrips
If your drug costs are high
You should give these a try
To help decrease financial hardships.

Supermom in New York lists the chief
Things to do with leftover ground beef

One post in a great set
At Getting Out of Debt
On leftovers as fiscal relief.

Amanda, who writes Young and Broke
Says finding an apartment's no joke
But she has some advice
That'll make it more nice
For new grads and other searching folk.

If you sweat in the heat of July
Free Money Finance thinks you should try
Keeping your curtains closed--
He saves big bucks with those--
Go read more if you want to know why!

This fine festival's creator, Jim,
Says that if you are looking to trim
Your gas costs, please beware
All the gas myths out there
For the details, I'll leave it to him.

Tricia's grocery bills are too high
So she's found some new tips she can try
She lists some of the best
And then links to the rest
Giving many ideas to apply.

A West Virginia mom, Stephanie,
Explores how to teach frugality
So kids learn needs from wants;
She shares and seeks response
On what other parents think is key.

Money and values spotlight:
Nina posts at the great blog QueerCents
And, pondering gas prices, lamentsHow that pain hits the poorWorse than those who have more,
And their troubles become more intense.

Mighty Bargain Hunter found a way
To encourage his daughter to play
Music, to his delight,
And the price is just right
So go read all about it today.

If you live with one of man's best friends
Here are some tips Ricemutt recommends
To keep doggie costs down;
These are ideas he's found
That help decrease the amount he spends.

Money and values spotlight:
Wenchypoo writes of water's importance
And the shortages which that portends
She suggests conservation
For our preservation
And smart stock-picking that will make more cents.

If you need to resolve a complaint
Ian Anderson counsels restraint
His advice is quite smart;
If you take it to heart
You'll be helped even if not a saint.

Steve Faber has a blog called Debt Free
With a post mortgage-seekers should see:
"Mortgage Traps to Avoid"
So your hopes aren't destroyed
By fraud or exorbitant fees.

If you've got a birthday coming soon
Here's something better than a balloon
You can get food for free
Don't just take it from me
MyMoneyBlog's deals will make you swoon.

Over at a blog called Free the Drones
There's a post that not only bemoans
Gas prices, but includes
Tips to save, and alludes
To a Yahoo! article it hones.

There's a blogger named Kira who wears
The same pants each day-- she has five pairs!
She asks "Boring or wise?"
Well, it seems well-advised
For the very good reasons she shares.

If you're looking for HDTV
And you live near a major city
Just follow this link
It's simpler than you think
To get your HDTV for free.

mapgirl at Mapgirl's Fiscal Challenge presents Some Wedding Drama Resolved


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