Wednesday, December 03, 2008

December discounts on socially/eco-conscious gifts

You all know that I'm a big proponent of giving more meaning and less stuff for the holidays. But if you are buying gifts, I encourage you to look at the types of places that are in Co-op America's National Green Pages-- companies that are screened and verified as socially and environmentally responsible and values-driven. You can use their search engine to find bricks-and-mortar stores in your community, and here are some online sales currently being offered by National Green Pages companies:


Anonymous said...

These are some great links! Thanks for passing them along. Every year I "battle" with Christmas. I hate the commercialism, but at the same time I enjoy it - I guess because of my childhood memories. At least shopping at places like those on your list will ease my conscious a little.

Anonymous said...

I'd be interested in finding out what green items you specifically are planning to purchase as gifts this holiday season :)