Monday, June 09, 2008

Monday links: mini-retirements, prices in human terms, and maximum savings

Hello everyone, from New Orleans! (I'm traveling to a conference for work.)

  • Go check out Part 1 and Part 2 of JD's interview with Tim Ferriss (author of The Four-Hour Work Week.) They gave me a name and a framework for something I'm hoping to make a part of my life: mini-retirements. A quote that jumped out at me: "Long life is not guaranteed. If we define risk as the potential for an irreversible negative outcome, there’s more risk in postponing the things that you would most like to do for 30 or 40 years versus taking a perhaps sub-optimal, less-compounded return on investment because you allocate some of that to these mini-retirements."
  • The Festival of Frugality #128 was at No Debt Plan. Check out What’s a Thing Worth? at Funny about Money. It's striking to see how much more work it takes for certain people to afford the same objects-- and to think about what that work actually entails...
  • The Carnival of Personal Finance #155 was at Moolanomy. I liked A Different Way to View Your “Number” from HarvestingDollars.

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