Thursday, June 21, 2007

Here's the Carnival of Ethics, Values, and Personal Finance!

Here we are again, for your fortnightly roundup of the best posts in the blogosphere on issues of ethics, values, and personal finance. I like this bunch a lot-- okay, I like every edition's posts a lot!-- so without further ado, here are my favorite:

  • In What Would You Do For Money? at Rich Minx, Travel Minx has a short but sweet post asking about just what we think is worth doing for money.
  • In Deep, Weighty Money Decisions at My Open Wallet, Madame X, in her wonderful, entertaining style, tells the story of a few mornings in her life. She described the post as "Sometimes a banana is not just a banana" but I think the issue is really that "sometimes a penny is not just a penny"! How important is "doing the right thing" when only small amounts are at stake?
  • In He Called It The Skyhook Theory at RealEstateUndressed, Larry Cragun tells the story of a professor of his who urged business students to have something greater than daily tasks, a higher goal than money to hang onto-- a skyhook.
  • In 10 rules for corporate social responsibility at Sox First, Leon Gettler lays out some standards of what CSR means and how you can tell companies are genuinely implementing them.

Family, Friends, Money, and Values


That's it for this time around! Please link this carnival on your blog to let everyone know it's up and help spread the word. Submit to the next edition using this form. And do let me know if you want to host-- I am more than glad to have the carnival here every time, but I'd also love to share.

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2 comments: said...

Thanks Penny for including us in your carnival, and you kind words.

Ruth Mitchell

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nod. I am in good company. Larry Cragun