Sunday, June 10, 2007

Check out Money Changes Things!

I just stumbled across a fantastic blog that I'm adding to my blogroll, called Money Changes Things. It's chock-full of interesting posts about money and values/ethics, from CFL Philanthropy to the efforts to get Fidelity to divest from Sudan to the true costs of recycled vs non-recycled paper to clothing swaps, to name just a few (not to mention the frugal tips and deal-hunting adventures of a PSAWSWLD).

At Money Changes Things, BPT's theme is that once you reach a certain level of wealth-- "enough," as she puts it-- then you have the ability to really focus on spending money in ethical and meaningful ways. But I think people at any level of income and wealth can get a lot out of her blog, if they're interested in ways to spend money in tune with their values. Sure, the decisions are harder when you're not dealing with a surplus but instead have to make sacrifices and trade-offs... but for me, and I bet for many of you, these are things I'm trying hard to fit into my life anyway.

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MoneyChangesThings said...

Hey, there. I'm tickled to have been found. I figured there had to be other bloggers out there interested in meta-money issues, and I'm thrilled to have connected. cyber-conversation! I think you are totally right that while certain purchasing or donating decisions are easier if you have a surplus, there are always trade-offs to be made. Discussing money without the presumption of scarcity changes the discussion some, but the information is relevant to anyone trying to align your values with resources. Kudos to you for leading the way!