Thursday, September 07, 2006

Monthly financial/net worth update

A little late as usual (though almost exactly a month since last time), here's my monthly financial update.  My net worth has hit the big 2-0!
Savings: $20,690 (down $661 or -3.1%)
Retirement: $13,841 (up $743 or 5.7%)
Debt: $13,845 (down $1,350 or 8.9%)
Net worth: $20,686 (up $1,432 or 7.4%)
% of 2006 giving goal: 41%  (last month: 39%)
That teeny increase in the giving number is embarassing.  But that's exactly why I started listing it up here-- so I can get embarassed into shape. I have a long list of organizations I want to give to, I just have to shake off my procrastination and do it!  There are four months left in the year; if I'm not at or near 50% by the end of this month, I've got a lot of 'splainin to do...


D said...

Hi Penny Nickel, I was thinking, since you live in my area - sort of. I am with you all the way with charity, it is a necessity. When cash is tight though, I think time is of value as well.

Have you ever heard of Hessing House? I hope I spelled that right. It's in Aurora, they feed the homeless. I'm sure there is one close to you if you are not on the Western side of our area. They are always looking for someone to help serve. And if you have even a tiny bit of optimism it helps.

Just a suggestion.

Oh, and I heard of a bike trip fundraiser for the gal in Carol Stream/Glendale Heights who passed away after delivering twins. I'm not sure when this is though. And every Thanksgiving they have the Turkey Trot in Elmhurst, this provides Thanksgiving supper to hundreds of people. I think the fee is $20 to enter the 5k (you don't have to run) and you get a t-shirt.

I just think sweat equity for giving is good too.

Single Ma said...

There is NOTHING embarassing about an matter how small. CONGRATULATIONS!!

Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

Good job, Penny. :)