Monday, October 20, 2008

Fair Trade Month: Sales, tastings, Halloween, and a clip from John Oliver!

It's Fair Trade Month!

  • If you need a refresher on what fair trade is, click here-- the short version is that it's about ensuring decent wages and working conditions for the people who make/grow the things you buy.
  • From New York to North Carolina to California to Milwaukee, there are fair trade events going on (including yummy tastings!)
  • Have a Fair Trade Halloween! Send the kids around to do reverse trick-or-treating: they can hand out fair trade chocolates and/or info sheets (print 'em here.) Find fair trade costumes and decorations here.
  • Global Exchange is giving away free chocolate with every order in October to celebrate Fair Trade Month. Divine Chocolate has a sale on their Halloween milk chocolate foils. And Sweet Earth Chocolates doesn't have a sale but their Halloween-themed chocolate is awesome.
  • Take a picture of what fair trade means to you and submit during October-- you could win a trip to meet fair trade producers!
  • And for a humorous take, here's comic John Oliver on fair trade. ("What is fair trade, when you boil it down, other than basic human politeness?… Rather than praising fair trade, we need to be demonising unfair trade. So, I suggest that from tomorrow onwards, all unfairly traded products should be forced to carry this logo: It's a cartoon of an international businessman urinating upon an African boy. I think that might really help nag at your subconscious when you're queuing up at the supermarket with a basket full of shattered lives.")

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