Sunday, July 22, 2007

When getting ripped off is worth it...

I have not had a hot dog at a baseball game since I was ten or so, back before I became vegetarian, so the first time I saw vegetarian hot dogs for sale at a baseball game, I thought it was pretty darn awesome.

That said, usually I do everything in my power to avoid buying food at baseball games. It is ridiculously overpriced, and I go to enough games that it's important to make a practice of keeping costs down because it all adds up. Plus, I just have a very difficult time overpaying for things... a little voice shouts, "No! No! They're ripping you off, don't give in!"

But on Friday, there was a last minute decision to go to the 7pm Nationals game after work. No advance planning, no time or ability to stop and pick up food on the way. There I was, at the game, hours from my last meal and hours from my next chance to eat outside the ballpark.

So I had a veggie dog. It was $4. I can get an eight-pack at the grocery store for $2.50.

It was fantastic. There is something about a hot dog and a ballgame...

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MoneyChangesThings said...

Splurging is contextual. Compared to your normal frugal self, paying $4 for a veggie hotdog while at the ballgame is extravagant. But compared to the rest of America, it is a pretty frugal choice!