Thursday, July 26, 2007

Carnival of Ethics, Values, and Personal Finance #13

Hi there, and welcome to the 13th Carnival of Ethics, Values, and Personal Finance! As most of you know, this carnival is for posts exploring the connections between personal values and financial decisions, and appears every other Thursday.

Editor's Choice:

Take Inventory: Identify Your Spending Values (Baby Step #2) is a great post at Millionaire Mommy Next Door talking about how to identify your values and priorities in order to shape money decisions around them.

Other top posts:

Right-Sized Living, by Toni Tiu at Wifely Steps, explores how to make purchasing choices that are not bigger than you can manage or smaller than you can tolerate, but instead are right for you.

A Fantasy Social Finance Portfolio, by Betsy Teutsch at Money Changes Things, profiles some socially responsible and socially beneficial companies.

House obsession, by Beth Dargis at My Simpler Life, talks about what really makes a house a happy home-- and whether stylish decor and brand-new appliances have us on the wrong trail.

Other posts:
And finally, this carnival gets a lot of off-topic submissions that are either only about personal finance or only about ethics and values-- it's supposed to be both! Most are pretty bad and I usually just delete them. However, the posts below are off-topic but high-quality, so they'll get a temporary reprieve this time around, to remind them and you to include money and values next time:
Thanks for reading! Please promote the carnival on your own site, volunteer to host a future edition, and continue to submit posts that fit the carnival's theme using this submission form.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for organizing and hosting the carnival! Nicely done. I'm honored that my submission was selected as your Editor's Choice. I'll be linking back to your post tomorrow. Have a great day!

MoneyChangesThings said...

Great job here and at your guest post at GetRichSlowly!
Featured you today at

Patrick said...

Thanks for including my post in the Carnival! Great job hosting. :)