Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I'm back; go visit the Ethics, Values & Personal Finance Week!

I'm back! The vacation was wonderful, a great mix of fun, sun, and much-needed relaxation, but alas, it is over.

All sorts of interesting things have happened on while I was gone-- the start of the Free Money Finance March Madness tournament, for one-- but my favorite is the Ethics, Values & Personal Finance Week at Grad Money [Matters]. ISPF interviewed a whole bunch of personal finance bloggers, asking some fantastic questions and getting all sorts of interesting and wide-ranging answers, and then presented a great edition of the Carnival of Ethics, Values, & Personal Finance (complete with Calvin and Hobbes!) Some of my favorite posts from the Carnival are Tempus Fugit: Less Time With The Family?, Environmental Ethics: Corporate Culture and Giving on the street (including the comments).

Still catching up on things that piled up while I was away... I'll have more for you tomorrow!

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