Monday, May 26, 2008

Monday round-up, now with more ways to make your voice heard!

This week's round-up is heavy on "things you can do" and light on "awesome posts from the last week," but I think the former is important too!

  • Own stock in Exxon? On Wednesday, join the Rockefellers and vote your shares in support of four shareholder resolutions that call on Exxon to reduce emissions, research alternative energy sources, study the impact of global warming on poor countries, and remove the CEO as chairman of the board (the guy who has both positions now, Rex Tillerson, is very anti-environment and resistant to looking at energy alternatives.)
  • Own a Fidelity fund? On June 18th, nine more of their funds are holding votes on the genocide-free investing principles (read more here.) The Fidelity funds that've already had votes have drawn about 20-30% shareholder support. Still more votes lie ahead, both at Fidelity and elsewhere.
  • Own other mutual funds or individual stocks? Try this really nifty proxy search engine to learn more about what votes are happening and when (and how your mutual fund voted/will vote.)
  • Click here for simple instructions to send an e-mail telling Congress (by way of No Impact Man) that you support strong climate change mitigation policies. The deadline's Friday (May 30th), and if you send the e-mail you've even got a chance to win a prize.
  • Also, the Festival of Frugality was at The Financial Blogger last week; check out Save The Planet – Stop Shopping at Bean Sprouts.


Dividend Growth Investor said...

The reason why XOM has not invested a lot of money in renewable energy is because it might not be as cost effective as exploring for and producing oil and nat gas.
If I were a XOM shareholder, I would require that mgmt invest only in projects that would provide me with a certain return on investment. If it's negative, then sorry, I don't want your stock :-)

Greener Pastures said...

I've been following Exxon's financials for a while now- especially since theirs are growing substantially at my expense! It didn't surprise me that the Rockefellers lost the battle. But the war rages on.