Sunday, November 25, 2007

PF Blogger running for Co-op America board!

Attention Co-op America members-- Betsy Teutsch (of the great blog Money Changes Things, which I bet anyone who likes Money and Values would enjoy) is running for the board of directors of Co-op America. Look for your ballot in your latest mailing (you can vote until December 31, but the ballots are arriving now.) You can also read her candidate statement and more at this post of hers.

Oh, and if you aren't a Co-op America member, why haven't you joined yet? Their tagline is "Economic Action for a Just Planet." They have a ton of awesome projects, articles, action alerts, and guides on issues from fair trade to green energy to recycled paper to buying less. They also have the incredible National Green Pages with hundreds of screened and approved socially and environmentally responsible businesses. (Anyone can access it online, and you can get a hard copy if you're a member.) In other words, they're doing a lot of great work around the issues central to my blog (and Betsy's) and I highly encourage you to get involved. (If you're not ready to join, you can always just sign up for their e-mail list...)


bpt said...

Thanks! Really appreciate your support, and your educating your readers about Co-op America's wonderful, effective, important work.

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