Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fair Trade Sales, Promotions and Contests (Fair Trade Month, Part II)

Yesterday I wrote about some fair trade events going on this month around the U.S., and how you can get involved in making Halloween a Fair Trade holiday. Today, here are some sales, promotions, and contests in honor of Fair Trade Month. (Read more about fair trade here.)

  • eConscious Marketplace is a site selling fair trade and other socially conscious products-- with 50% of the profit going to the non-profit org of your choice! Here's their Fair Trade Month deal: 10% off their fair trade products and a free year's membership if you use the promotional code "moneyvalues." (You don't need a membership to shop there, but it gets you extra discounts throughout the year; it's a $30 value.)
  • Frontier Natural Products is running a 15% sale this month. They sell a huge variety of fair trade teas, plus cocoa, vanilla, and some interesting baking mixes that use fair trade sugar.
  • Despite their big talk, it's usually tough to get fair trade coffee at Starbucks-- but this month they're featuring their only fair trade blend (Cafe Estima) as coffee-of-the-week three weeks straight. So if you're a Starbucks drinker, be sure to ask for your fair trade coffee this month! (You can ask for the Cafe Estima the rest of the year, too, but they'll have to French-press it especially for you and the baristas sometimes refuse because they don't know it's company policy... try the Starbucks Challenge year-round anyway.)
  • has a Fair Trade video contest with a prize of a trip to Peru. They also have a sweepstakes where you can win a gift certificate for $100 of fair trade products. The site includes information about fair trade and stories about its impact, fair trade recipes, and more.
  • Divine Chocolate is running a recipe contest through December 15th; scoring will be 60% based on the recipe and 40% on a written statement about why you believe in fair trade.
  • Keep your eyes peeled if you live in a city; apparently there are some rush-hour fair trade giveaways in the works this month.

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