Thursday, September 20, 2007

Carnival of Ethics, Values, and Personal Finance

Hi everyone! I've got a really great edition of the Carnival in store for you this time around.

Let's start with my personal favorites:

Here are some other fantastic posts that illustrate what this carnival is all about:

And a few more posts for your enjoyment:

Well, that's it for this week! The next edition will be up on October 4th, so please submit using this form. Please contact me if you'd like to host a future edition.

Also, please comment or e-mail me with suggestions of other great posts you've seen around the blogosphere that you think would fit this carnival-- let's work together to make this a real showcase of the very best writing on the web about ethics, values, and personal finance!

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Aahz at said...

Wow, I'm a favorite :)

Thanks for including me in the carnival!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for including my post! I've linked back here in my Money, Personal Growth and Family Blog Carnival Roundup (September 21, 2007 Edition) at:

Adrian said...

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