Monday, October 30, 2006 Find and share info about locally-owned businesses near you!

Looking for a good independent coffeeshop, bookstore, or movie theater but don't know where to find one?  Or do you know about great locally-owned places you want to share? 
Try using Delocator!  It has the handy features of a chain's website gizmo to "find a location near you"-- put in your zip code, pick the distance you're willing to go, and it pulls up all the places in your area which other people have entered (often with terrific descriptions and comments). 
It's especially handy if you're traveling out of town and don't know your way around the area.  It's so easy to stop at the recognizable and omnipresent Starbucks rather than try to figure out which of the unfamiliar places you pass are a) coffee places, b) locally-owned, and c) any good.  I'm actually on a trip for work right now and have put the site's info into use already!  And when I get a chance I'll take a good look at my local area and see if there are any places I should add.
Many kudos to Dawn at Frugal for Life for the link...

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~Dawn said...

Welcome, Penny! Have a good time on your trip