Friday, August 25, 2006

Question of the Day Marathon links-- check 'em out!

As I've posted about before, there's a Question of the Day marathon going on this month, organized by JLP at AllFinancialMatters. I'm hosting on Monday, so please stop by and share your answer; in the meantime, here are links to the fantastic questions asked so far. (The links to the first 8 are here.) Go ahead and see what answers I and others gave, and add on your own answer. There's no shame in answering late! (Okay, maybe a little shame, but not as much shame as in not answering at all!)

Day 9 Young Finance Guy - What do you consider an expensive night out?

Day 10 Money Dummy - What’s the most unusual, quirky, or bizarre thing involving money that’s happened to you personally?

Day 11 Steve Braun - What percentage of financial success comes from “financial skills” and what percentage comes from “character?”

Day 12 Mighty Bargain Hunter - What’s the best deal that you’ve ever gotten in a store?

Day 13 Journey to Financial Freedom - Do you have any side income other than your paychecks?

Day 14 PennyFoolish - What are your vices?

Day 15 Consumerism Commentary - While growing up, what were you taught about personal money management by your immediate family and surroundings?

Day 16 No Credit Needed - What was the very first thing you purchased using credit? What was the very last thing you purchased using credit?

Day 17 mapgirl's Fiscal Challenge - How much of a balance do you leave on your checking account(s)?

Day 18 Chipping Away - If tomorrow you were to suddenly find yourself unemployed, what would your action plan be and how much trouble do you feel you'd be in?

Day 19 Udandi & the Craft of Money - What is your hobby and how much money do you spend on it?

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