Wednesday, May 03, 2006

April month-end totals/net worth

Here you go, for the .13% of you who are waiting with bated breath: my end-of-April status report.

$18,697 cash/savings (up $1,823 or 11%)
$11,853 retirement (up $893 or 8%)
$17,345 debt (down $300 or 1.7%)
$2,075 accounts receivable/owed to me (down $1,500 or 42%)

Net worth: $13,205 (up $3,016 or 30%)
Net worth including accounts receivable: $15,280 (up $1,516 or 11%)

My net worth went up a whole 30% in April, but half of that was due to getting $1,500 back from people I've lent money to. I also put $715 into retirement savings (and my retirement savings gained $178 in value), saved $277 in cash (and got $46 in interest from my money market account), and paid down $300 in debt.

Check out the visual here.


FreeTheCow said...

Good work! Even if you factor out the $1500 people gave back to you, it was still a very significant achievement!
Keep it up!

Penny Nickel said...