Friday, April 21, 2006

Frugal drinking, and other wisdom from my commenters!

I must admit, I would love having commenters even if y'all had nothing substantive to say. But then I get all of these wonderful suggestions to top it off! You guys are awesome!

From my frugal drinking post, for starters:

Mapgirl and LA Money Guy recommend getting well/rail drinks instead of the more expensive call drinks.
Him and Jonathan Radande remind me that I don't have to always have alcoholic drinks when I'm out, and Jonathan adds the suggestion to buy beer in pitchers instead of bottles.
Young Guns recommends shopping around for happy hour specials.
Jose Anes has a whole post about it, go check it out!
Nippy suggests drinking verrrrrry slooooowly... good call.
And Dave has a few recommendations, including having or attending parties instead of going out.
(Plus everyone agrees with me that you should drink at home first before going out!)

Also, way back in my early blogging days (yes, a whole month ago!) I got some great suggestions about yummy coffee drinks on my Coffee Talk post, including:

Jenn suggests adding hot cocoa mix to the coffee from the communal pot at work.
Juut brings in teabags and uses the hot water at work.
And Mom2fur and an anonymous commenter plug using flavored creamers in regular coffee.

And last but certainly not least, Claire suggests donating to charities by check if possible so part of your donation doesn't go to credit card fees (in response to I think I need a "giving plan"!)

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